Target Five is now able to offer fixed returns on capital loans, fully secured against property, to finance property developments.

For specific projects, invited investors will be given the opportunity to make fixed return loans offering of between6-8% PA NET returns, paid monthly depending on loan term and level of investment. Each loan is guaranteed by a first charge on the subject property. Deals deemed appropriate are specifically selected in terms of risk and return and are fully managed by Andy and Craig, who will finance all refurbishment costs. All funds are held in escrow with the full process managed by independent solicitors.

Total loan amounts are only ever 60-100% of the original property purchase cost with the cost of development born by Andy and Craig. This means that not only do they have ‘skin in the game’ they also risk their money first assolicitors ensure all investor loans are settled first on resale or refinance.

For more information on Fixed Return Investments please email or call 01273 600160.