We are in turbulent waters and they will only get more choppy

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If we are able to have clear strategy, master our market and, most importantly, have a RATIONAL APPROACH TO RISK, then there are great times ahead.โ €
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Risk is sort of my thing. Some people think I am impulsive and risky in my actions, but I rarely make a mistake. Why? Risk management. If you can be rational, break risk down into component parts and mitigate and hedge against each component, then you can act deliberately and decisively with confidence! With that comes incredible competitive advantage.โ €
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Most people are IRRATIONAL around risk. This is because they donโ€™t understand the risk and follow the crowd. I have discussed making Risk work to your advantage in property, in more detail previously, you can review this by clicking the link

– Andy Babbayan: T5 Group Managing Partner & Acquisitions Directorโ €