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Multi Exits Identified

Following on from our focus on Risk is the need to assess your exit. If you do not have multi exits identified in the following key areas, DO NOT BUY! Use:  The more versatile the better. There will always be an A plan, the one that is projected to return the most profit, but B, C and D plans must also be potentially profitable. If only plan A is financially viable then DO NOT BUY! Rental Market: The critical [...]
Target Five Logo with we heart commercial & mixed use properties set in front of 2 exterior shots of properties we have bought and developed

We Love Commercial & Mixed-Use Properties

T5 love mixed-use and commercial conversion to residential! I have always found it impossible to understand why residential investors ignore commercial and mixed-use property. Why? Whilst there are many reasons, I have distilled this down to three key reasons why I feel they create a true arbitrage opportunity: Price per sq/ft: If you are not already valuing everything on a price per sq/ft or sq/m basis, then start now. It is how commercial and development opportunities have always been valued and [...]
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Making Risk Work To Your Advantage In Property

If you can master the risks by building expertise in certain niche areas you may make profit by treading where others dare not. Knowing the enemy can be the biggest commercial advantage you have. My specialist area, when looked at my career as a whole, is risk and risk management. My MSc is in Risk Management. I am an ex Bomb Disposal Officer and I have held several risk-management positions in and out of the military. Then I moved into [...]
Title page showing the lounge area of the completed renovation project on Lansdowne Place, Hove
before photos of various rooms before the renovation
completed after renovation photo of the kitchen area
alternative photo angle of the completed renovation, showing the lounge kitchen area
completed renovation photo of the new bedroom with raised bed and desk area under, feature wall with a tropical theme
completed bedroom photos with tropical feature wall wallpaper and bright orange blind
completed bathroom photo of white metro tiled shower and wash hand basin, new bathroom suite with illuminated mirror set upon a black walln
exterior photo of Lansdowne Place, Hove with oblique sea view


We are delighted to share our recent property renovation, the second of our two properties in Lansdowne Place, Hove.  Both properties were sourced and acquired for our returning Property Investor clients.  Although progress was slowed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we have managed to complete both properties ready for the summer rental market. The property was originally a four bed family home, which we have designed and renovated to an 8 bed/9 bathroom house.  The Target Five team also designed [...]
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What stage are you currently at in your investing in property journey?

What stage are you currently at in your investing in property journey?  Seasoned Investor?  Accidental Landlord?  First Time Investor?  It is not a 'one size fits all' industry. Most of our investors have these common goals:  To achieve appropriate returns on the investment made, in line with market competition. To carefully consider the risks involved To look for financial freedom How can we help you? Through our various investing opportunities:  Passive Investing with our associates LEOpropcrowd Portfolio Review and Improvements Strategic Investing Opportunities  Of [...]
completed renovation living area, with blue ceiling, feature wallpaper, sofa and scaffold table


We are excited to show you our recent renovation completion, Centurion Road, Brighton.  We pushed on during the lockdown with a bare minimum team to complete this renovation for our returning Property Investor client, who has now completed 4 properties with Target Five. Target Five sourced the property for our client, with works starting at the end of February 2020 and completing (with a slight delay due to Covid-19 lockdown and the difficulty in obtaining building materials). The property was originally [...]
completed renovation of Lansdowne Place, Hove. Image shows the refurbished lounge area, with teal walls and blinds with new sofas to match and yellow cushions
collage of images of the property before renovation
renovated kitchen photo, white new gloss kitchen units set against teal walls with a central island


Finally we can reveal our first projects since Covid-19, Lansdowne Place, Hove. Given a new life, 2 houses which were originally both 4 beds are now 7 beds each with en-suites making this a perfect professional sharers house with stylish and well considered spaces. Both properties were sourced by Target Five and renovated for our returning Property Investor Clients. As you can see the property is moments from Hove seafront - perfect
cupped hands around the Target Five Logo with caption managing our property investments since 2013

We often get asked how we find our new investors

We are proud to say that our existing investor clients have all come from recommendation or referral from clients who have invested with us and had proven results on completed projects where the target returns were met or surpassed. It is not however always a fairy-tale ending and we have had our fair share of less successful projects too, but we feel it is a testament to our tenacity, resilience and consideration of an exit strategy that our clients continue [...]
collage of property's in our pipeline, property exteriors

Maintaining a healthy pipeline

For a number of different reasons, it is key to our business to plan ahead to ensure we have an appropriate stream of projects coming up. Our extended teams of contractors need to be kept 'well fed', our sister company Sussex Property Partnership needs to forecast and prepare for what properties will become available for let, our clients forecasts and business plans require an element of strategic flow of investment and return options and finally our business plan relies on [...]
title image for what freedom means to you, depicting a silouhette person on a beach at sundown

What is freedom to you?

We all have goals. Not all are life changing some are simply to be better at something or learn from challenges, but I believe we all have one common goal and that is to be free. Freedom. What does it mean to you? It is commonly perceived that money equals freedom, in fact our experience is freedom is achieved by gaining more time. More time for family, for fun, for learning. Our aim is to find ways to offer our clients [...]