Bath or Shower? – the great debate

So what’s your preference?, personally a shower for me but I do like the option of a bath. Although there are many different debates out there; aren’t you just sitting in a bath full of dirt?….showers just waste more water, surely? well it’s a debate that continues to rumble on.

?’s are without doubt more relaxing (baths have shown to lower cortisone levels, which in turn helps prevent stress), you can also add remedies into the bath water to ease muscles and help skin conditions, which won’t work under a shower. Remember to moisturise after you step out after a bath, as the bathwater dry’s on your skin it can leave it as dry as before!. Also, unless you’re caked in mud, there is no fear in sitting in filthy water as the dirt settles away from the skin and settles into the entirety of the bath.

?’s, are quick, easy, convenient, especially for property shares, hence why we use them in our developments, it’s not only down to making sure we maximise each sq inch! No professional sharer or student wants to be queuing to use the bathroom. We are all too busy and on timetables. We try to make sure where possible all properties have the ability to have en-suite shower rooms and or additional shower rooms on top of HMO licensing guidelines. People tend to spend less time in a shower, so in fact waste less water than say a 7 bed HMO running x2 baths each a day!

– The pictures here, are of some of our recent shower rooms at our developments. As you can see we love a Vie Diamond floor but as we go into each development now, we are trying something different every time in our designs.