Buying Below Market Value

I have always disliked BMV as a concept. For too long, it has been the focus for so many training companies and has become people‚Äôs strategy, essentially buying anything as long as it’s cheap. Exploiting people’s situations for profit, but also buying in a haphazard way without any real strategy. Basically: lose-lose. Sellers feel short changed and buyers end up with a hotpotch of properties without any unifying goal or aims (as well as being impossible to manage).

BMV is coming about though in a way that is win-win. There is turbulence at the moment and where there is turbulence and uncertainty, then comes buying opportunity. Some people are nervous and exiting the market voluntarily, having made money on their properties. Many long-term landlords are voluntarily exiting. This creates an arbitrage opportunity and where, potentially, the real value is to be found. This means that we are now seeing the chance to buy great quality, central properties in our chosen area with great value. A win for all!

T5 have just started a crowdfunding raise for one of these properties and would love to take as many as possible on the journey. To find out more please visit or on our Opportunites page.

Investment in property related assets puts your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Please read the full risk warning at deciding to invest.