Commercial To Residential – Doing It Right

In years passed the value has been turning residential into commercial property, especially in central locations. Now the tide has turned and it could be explosive. Retail has been under threat for years, but with the Covid-19 we will see all manner of commercial properties no longer become viable. This combined with a chronic under-supply of residential property we will see a huge switch.⠀

Government led relaxation of planning laws and increased Permitted Development (PD) rights will act as the facilitator.⠀

We have been moving this way for some time and plan to ride the wave but we are determined to ride it well and where possible consult with local planners even where it may not technically be needed. ⠀

We are going to be careful to keep our own ambitions in check and manage expectations of clients. With deregulation comes increased responsibility. Will we be doing as many deals as we can – yes! Will we put quality over quantity and try to do it right as well? Yes, we must.⠀