Know your end game – When do you need the money returned & what interest are you hoping for.

Who is as important as what – The project is important but you need to know that you are investing with the right people, get to know the people around & behind the project, understand them, their reason, moral stand points etc. Never give a company or organization money on a first conversation, we would never ask someone we didn’t know to invest with us, we like to know who we are working with you should too.

Learn about the project – Do your own research into the project the money is intended for, what will it be used for in the project & how will the company deal with problems & challenges.

Ask about a track record, success’ & failures.- You will learn a lot about the people you will be investing with by how they deal with problems & how they react to being asked challenging questions. A reputable, confident & successful property company will have dealt with a fair share of issues & will not have a problem discussing how they overcame them with any potential investor.

Ask what securities are available – There may be an option for a second charge or deed of priority; it may secure your funds more, but be mindful this will be reflected in your return.

Be Fearless, but not reckless – Your money should work hard for you, but it won’t without you taking a leap of faith & investing. It’s ok to be worried or anxious but if you have followed our tips you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Consider reinvestment and rolling over your interest – Interest earnt from passive investing is considered an income, & is therefore liable to be taxed as such. If at the end of the term, you don’t need the funds back immediately, consider reinvesting or extending the terms & adding the interest to the pot. You can then take the interest profit when it is most tax efficient for you to do so.

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