Once we have decided to go ahead with a project, assessed the risk, chosen a funding route & agreed a price, the next stage is to take the property to our legal team to start the conveyance process. ⠀

This is the part of the process that can, if not handled correctly, offer us the most challenges & potential delays. We work closely with our extended team of lawyers Nazish Ahmad & Lauren Fitzgerald at Jury O’Shea solicitors to ensure we are working at pace & effectively to meet any deadlines imposed by the agents or sellers. ⠀

They know that our expectations are not only to check the legal aspects of the property in line with the project intentions but also work quickly but efficiently & with a keen eye for detail. ⠀

There are always problems when buying a property but we make sure we look for the solution in every problem & this is the key to successful purchases. It is very often the case that the very nature of the property we are buying is slightly challenged with a problem attached & this can often be the reason why we are interested. ⠀

If it was easy everyone would be doing it! ⠀

We do however have to make sure we check every aspect of the title, the leases (where applicable) & the rights and covenants of the land to ensure we can in fact do what we need to do to complete the project in line with our initial strategy. We rely on our team to check this for us & advise us accordingly. ⠀

Once it is exchanged it is legally binding & it is important we know exactly what we are getting before this point. ⠀

– Tina Wenham