When planning our property renovations, we must consider how the space will work, will it be appropriate & spacious enough, not only to meet the regulations but provide a ‘home’ for our residents.

We have replaced the word ‘tenant’ within our business with the word ‘resident’. ‘Tenant’ has a negative connotation that we feel is archaic. Just like the association with greedy, uncaring landlords. It is far from our experience, attitude or intent.

We believe in creating ‘homes for residents’ not ‘houses for tenants’. We aim to create a harmonious relationship between owner & resident & try to apply the following rules;

Provide stylish, well thought out spaces that will last, be low maintenance but hard wearing.

Consider how the resident will live there, including space for relaxing, space for eating & working as well as space saving ideas, built in furniture.

Make it something to be proud of. The design phase of our projects is key to this. We want to be proud of what we are producing but more importantly we want our residents to be proud to call it home. Being innovative & bold with colour/textures means we can stand out from the crowd & so can they.

Be clear from the beginning what is expected of both parties. We work closely with our lettings team to ensure we know where our responsibility starts & ends for maintenance/general upkeep.

Deal with queries & maintenance issues as they arise in a timely fashion with realistic timeframes, communication is key to any issue.

Be sympathetic, it’s easy to forget that this is a person’s home & that feeling should be actively encouraged, it is no less a home because it’s rented & any threat of losing your home is stressful. Handle difficult discussion around late rent or the need to gain possession back with care & consideration.

We believe that the days of slum landlords & problem tenants are a thing of the past & should be treated as such.