I love the term ‘Crossing the Desert’, something I have shamelessly pinched from Daniel Hill from @propertyentrepreneur_

Many of us at T5 are Property Entrepreneur graduates and have nothing but positive things to say about that experience and methodology. ‘Crossing the Desert’ was Dan’s Headline Strategy for his company Group a few years ago as they went through the experience of rapid growth – it described the feeling of moving between two places of safety and the experience of doing so often scarce on resources.⠀

We are there now. More staff, more projects, more complexity and all the cash flow challenges that come with that. It all looks wonderful on the spreadsheet but day to day it’s tough. So how do we get through it and how did Dan?⠀

Leadership, Teamwork and constant Communication (plus a little sprinkle of Faith!!). It is my role along with Tina Wenham, to keep reaffirming the vision, keeping the focus and being considerate and understanding with the challenges the team face.⠀

So where are we now? We can see some green above the heat haze of the horizon and we are now certain it is not a mirage! We just need to hold together and keep our pace and we will be there sooner than we think.⠀

Does anyone else have this experience or like this analogy?!⠀

Get in touch!⠀