Dealing with property investors is a key skill and one that has taken me some time to get anywhere near right. I was not a natural salesman when I came into full time property – I was a military/ defence consultant with very limited true sales experience. When I started off I tried too hard, was a yes man and told people what they wanted to hear. Then I over corrected and became a surly take-it-or-leave-it type – an approach I mistook for integrity.⠀

As I have got older and greyer I have learnt to follow the following steps – something that is far easier and gets better results.⠀

➕Be honest at all times⠀
➕Sugarcoat nothing but be positive and solutions led.⠀
➕Be yourself ⠀
➕Be humble (it may not come naturally but it will become so) ⠀
➕Treat everyone with respect⠀

What do you think?