Here are our top 3 favourite bedrooms we have created at our most recent developments, which have been let to coliving professional sharers. All of our interior designs are done in house by the T5 team.⠀

When we put together our initial design ideas, we have key pointers to work from:⠀⠀
➕ Our residents, who are they, what type of professional?⠀
➕ Location… urban/city centre/residential⠀⠀
➕ What type of building are we working with… period building/modern?⠀⠀
➕ Hard wearing and practicality of well thought out spaces⠀⠀
➕ Wellbeing… we want our residents to feel at home, to enjoy living in their home and be proud, make sure there is space to work from home⠀⠀
➕ Budget and our investors opinions, likes and dislikes… the big one! rarely but it does happen, our investor may have their own interior design theme, which we in turn look at the above points to make sure these will work, we sometimes do need to tweak these!⠀

What we try to achieve:⠀
? Making the most of all the space, sometimes rooms can be awkward in shape when renovating, especially eaves bedrooms, so if we can we will design and build in desk areas, wardrobes and we have also created the option for raised beds.⠀
?‍? Unique designs and colour combinations that work and are not too over ambitious!⠀
? Features, we always try to retain original features within our properties, whether this be original exposed brick walls, chimney breasts etc, or feature wallpapers to make sure the rooms are unique from property to property.⠀
? Using modern methods in our finish, whether this be WIFI controlled heating (which can be tricky if a resident decides to have an airfryer in their room under a sensor – true story ?), USB socket points, key locations for all sockets, dimmer lights⠀
?️ Bedroom furniture that compliments the interior design but is also hardwearing and functional⠀
?️ Fully dressed rooms, finishing touches such as artwork/prints