The Core Values of Target Five are not a million miles from those of the British Army. Funny old thing that given they were based on them! But do we get it right always – no! Do I get it right always – definitely no! We are, however, trying to hold each other to account and make sure that we do get it right in the end, if not first time. ⠀

In the Army there is something called ‘The Service Test’, when something bothers you or you have made a decision that you doubt, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you have followed the Core Values, if this feels uncomfortable then you have probably not. That is the point to reconsider, even if it means losing face.⠀

This is exactly where I was a week or so ago. A project of mine was nearing completion and I was walking around with my letting team to discuss letting strategy, furniture and decoration. We had planned to do all units as 2dio type accommodation, but the top units felt too small for this. Being in a great central location I felt sure they would let, but was this the right thing to do? The accommodation was cramped and I would not like to live there, despite the great finish. If I would not like it how can I, with integrity, let someone else take it. That night I talked it through with my Wife and we agreed that we were making a mistake. So we reversed it and lost a bedroom in each unit.⠀

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of making money, but no fan of exploitation. We made the call but I knew immediately from the response of the team that they also felt more comfortable with that. I am also confident that if I had not made the call, someone would have said something. And guess what – it actually feels good, almost like a relief!⠀