This particular property was originally a two bedroom first floor, large maisonette, located in Kemp Town, Brighton. Sourced, designed and renovated to a six bed/2 bath HMO with a loft conversion by Target Five, which now offers a great rental yield return for our returning investor. ⠀

Property Purchase Price: £285,000
Build: £73,000
Furniture: £5,000
Refinance: £575,000
Rental Income: £43,000
ROI PA: £12%
or combined YR 1 70%

Valuation Day? ⠀
Preparing for the valuation survey itself is paramount, as part of Target Five’s service to our VIP Investors, we put together a comprehensive valuation report for the surveyor on the day, documenting the details around the project, the current rental income, detailed explanation of current comparable properties for both the rental and sales market, the renovation specification, planning documents and certificates/licences acquired. Meeting the surveyor in person is vital, especially if the property is tenanted, you need to be on hand to answer all questions. ⠀⠀
All to show and prove what a success this project has been and what we believe the value to be from when we set out on this journey for our VIP Investor to make a profit on.⠀⠀

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