Estimating Build Cost – How Do You Do It?

My take on it:⠀

Perhaps the hardest thing when evaluating a deal and the bit most likely to go wrong iis the unknown element, the cost of refurbishment. The price, within reason is fixed, costs, (Stamp Duty etc) are fixed, the rent and end value are not fixed but entirely predictable. ⠀

Add to this the need to act swiftly and make quick decisions and you need to have a methodical approach that enable you to get this right. How often have you underestimated the costs? I have done it loads of times and our PMs biggest gripe with me is that I can sometimes do this. ⠀

How am I doing it now? Put simply for £200k refurbs or less I use A 2 phase approach. Firstly look at £/sq ft spent on SIMILAR refurbs THAT YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW AND TRUST HAS DONE, allowing for all costs, and apply that. Then Secondly add up the component parts, create a price list and add it up. I.e. ensuite – £4k. Dormer Loft – £30k etc. Then look at the two and take the higher plus 5% contingency. THEN sanity check it.⠀

For £200k or more AND ALL LAND DEALS I employ a QS. For £250-£1000 you will get far more certainly and peace of mind.⠀

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