In addition to our complete Investment & Development Service, we can offer our experience in ad-hoc consultancy, at any level. We can advise on project suitability and viability, assist with purchase and negotiation of just provide mentoring and advice.


With the increased costs of buying properties many landlords and investors are improving their portfolios to increase yield, capital value and occupancy levels. We are able to conduct portfolio reviews, identifying areas for development to increase capital value and yield. We can then get our large panel of contractors and project managers to tender for the work if required.

T5 helps investors grow their portfolio and realise their financial goals through investment in high yield property developments.

We have properties available to buy now located in Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Littlehampton, Eastbourne and beyond.

If you would like to book a portfolio or property review on or call 01273 525656.


As experience HMO landlords and seasoned HMO developers, we are able to pass on advice on HMO/ Article 4 related issues across our area. We also have retained Planning Consultants who will provide the latest advice on what is a difficult area to operate.

The student property investment market in the UK has evolved considerably in recent years, and what was a fringe investment ten years ago is now an integral part of any investment property strategy.

Historically T5’s portfolio and ‘bread and butter’ has been student HMO properties/developments. Starting in one of the UK’s largest student cities, Brighton and Hove.

Target Five are the local experts in student HMO property investment and development, we are landlords ourselves therefore, knowing exactly where to invest, which houses can be improved and where the market is. T5 helps investors find future proof high yielding student HMOs that can provide returns of 7-10% +. Investing in student property in Brighton is not easy though, with both regional and national legislation in force with the citywide roll out of Article 4 imminent.

To date we have completed hundreds of HMO refurbishments to fully comply with Brighton and Hove Council conditions of HMO License, including both national and local Article 4 HMO regulations.

HMO Upgrades:

We manage all aspects of HMO Licensing from submission of the license right through to completion. We will initially carry out a survey, draw up a schedule of works that is fully complaint and designed to maximise return and at this stage can give an estimate for the work. Typically, this will cover HMO the installation of fire alarm and detection system, fitting fire doors and ensuring the fire & safety requirements are met. However, each property is different, and we are happy to advise before you begin the process. Our aim is to carry out the upgrading works as cost effective as possible and within the minimum impact on the property.

HMO License Renewal:

Our sister company Sussex Property Partnership offer a highly competitive license renewal service from start to finish.

Student Rental Maximisation:

Over the course of the past five years, we have seen significant changes in UK student property market, as students look to move away from the traditional HMO (House Multiple Occupancy) model from traditional low-quality suburban style properties and more towards high specification, secure studio style offerings in prime locations, with students willing to pay a premium to live in this style of accommodation.

T5 have recognised that the student is now a more discerning consumer looking for a home with a difference, which is modern, clean and individual, a property they are proud to live in and show off, with this in mind we have worked closely with an interior designer to corroborate with on a design branded design specification for our HMO developments.  This brand specification sets us apart from your old-fashioned basic HMO property, we focus on quality modern furniture, key accent colours, mood lighting, all important storage facilities, technology, sense of home and other USP’s which will conform with the current HMO legislations and our client’s renovation budget.

Please get in contact to arrange a quote or discuss your requirements on or call 01273 525656.