Maintaining a healthy pipeline

For a number of different reasons, it is key to our business to plan ahead to ensure we have an appropriate stream of projects coming up.

Our extended teams of contractors need to be kept ‘well fed’, our sister company Sussex Property Partnership needs to forecast and prepare for what properties will become available for let, our clients forecasts and business plans require an element of strategic flow of investment and return options and finally our business plan relies on the income stream from these projects.

It was, therefore, a challenging process during lock-down to maintain a healthy pipeline of projects and purchases to ensure the interruption to this was minimised.

We had to ensure the purchases still made sound investment sense for our clients and continued to meet our targeted yield return figures, despite and change or disruption to the market. This meant we had to negotiate a few of the offer prices and analyse the investment again.

In addition to this we had to ensure that we continued momentum in sourcing new investment opportunities to prepare and mitigate against any lull or break in the projects that could have been a by product of this unprecedented time.

In the end we continued with all but one of our purchasing commitments and have managed to secure some potentially very exciting new opportunities for ourselves and our investors, with many more coming through everyday.

Now that the government guidance has restarted the property market we are working closely with our teams of professionals to progress the matters as quickly as possible to exchange and get started on the refurbishment and redevelopment to realise the returns on our clients investments with as little delay as possible.

We have most certainly hit the ground running and are excited about what the future holds and we look forward to working with our clients to provide sound investment opportunities and aim to hit the target yield returns that our clients are looking for.

If you are interested in hearing about any of our new investment opportunities get in touch. or 01273 525656

Tina Wenham – Target Five Director