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In order to maximise your investments and growth in your investment ability you have to develop a Growth Mindset!

Most investors I meet are negative in their mindset, they follow what has worked for others, they doubt their abilities. They think they are constrained & limited to what has been done before. “That doesn’t work”, “thats been done” etc. This is classic ‘Fixed Mindset’. Boundaries are set & it is impossible to ever exceed expectations, but investments will underperform if faith in what has worked before is misguided i.e. peoples misguided faith in pensions etc.

The few exhibit a Growth Mindset. They see their own development & what they can achieve with their investments as being without constraint. They can constantly improve themselves, learn & become more competent – the Grow! They have the same approach to their Investments. They set goals but are never limited to them, they accept failure as part of the process & use it to Grow! Constant reassessment of opportunities & exploitation. Positivity always!

You need to be part of the select few in the second camp. Carol Dweck – total legend – ‘Mindset’ (2014) is a must read. Or check out her Ted Talk –