It was an honour and pleasure to be one of the main speakers at the inaugural UKPA Conference recently (UKPA Negotiators from across the country, sharing activity on ?????????? ?? ??????????? conversion and how this can positively impact ????????? ????????????? ??? ?????????? ??????.)

I was privileged to be invited to join the excellent speakers Ranjan Bhattacharya, Simon Zutshi, Robert McPhun, Ritchie Clapson and Suzi Carter. The event was meticulously organized, but more than that it was inspiring. It was inspiring to see such a deeply competent and engaged audience, all themselves successful and established property professionals. It was also inspiring to see the cohesive message and spirit of cooperation amongst the speakers and UKPA Advisors.

The @ukpa_official team is a strong one and further augmented by a board of advisors with unrivaled competence and experience. I love seeing something special happening and I really feel that is what I am seeing with the UKPA journey. My only advice to those considering it is to get on board!
– Andy Babbayan