Current Property Investment Opportunities

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We are very lucky at Target Five that we have developed and nurtured long standing relationships with investors over the years we have been in business. This means we are never short of people looking for places to invest their money.

We have however made the decision to open up our investment opportunities and here are a few that may be of interest;

Please note: Investing is done at your own risk and returns are not guaranteed. You must be an experienced, sophisticated investor to invest with us.

1. Littlehampton

Investment requirement £200,000 ⠀
Term 12 - 18 months ⠀
Return Negotiable/to be discussed⠀⠀
Security - PG and potentially a second charge or deed of priority. ⠀

The Project:⠀
We purchased this for £410,000 with senior debt of £325,000 on a first charge basis ⠀

It is currently a bank in Littlehampton , we intend to convert the upper floors to form a large HMO In addition there is a plot of land where we intend to extend into and create additional space retaining the commercial on the ground floor.

The total cost of the development will be £600,000 ⠀
The total GDV will be circa £1.5m. ⠀

We intend on splitting out the development into two phases. ⠀

Phase one: Conversion to HMO retained commercial

Our exit strategy is to retain and rent and refinance the HMO and commercial elements. ⠀

2. Bognor

Investment Requirement £200,000
Term 12 months
Return Negotiable/to be discussed⠀
Security - PG and potentially a second charge or deed of priority.

The project
We purchased this as a hotel, for £515,000. It turned out it was actually already classified as a c3 residential dwelling due to a certificate of lawfulness that the owners had done many years ago.

We have senior debt at £415,000

We plan to create a mix of sea facing apartments and a large HMO.
build costs circa £400,000
GDV £1,950,000

Exit strategy is to sell the apartments and keep and refinance the HMO.

3. Littlehampton

Investment Requirement: £240,000
Return Negotiable/to be discussed⠀
Term 12 months
Security - PG and potentially a second charge or deed of priority.

The project
Purchased as a commercial premises with unused ancillary space above. Purchased for £400,000 + VAT
We intend on converting the upper floors into two 5 bedroom HMO’s under prior notification approval.
Build Costs circa £250,000
GDV £1,000,000

Exit strategy is refinance and hold, possibly selling off commercial space.

Upcoming Opportunities

In addition to the above live opportunities we do have other projects we are in the process of assessing and buying.

1. London Road
Investment requirement £310,000

The project
new build apartments on an airspace opportunity in central Brighton

2. Littlehampton
Investment requirement £50,000 - £80,000
to enact an option agreement and prepare planning information on a land site we have negotiated on

3. Portslade
Investment requirement £50,000 - £80,000
Option agreement negotiated for airspace to gain planning to build 6 x apartments

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