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It’s been a trying year for all but we are thankful that we were able to achieve so much and cross off a lot from our to do list for the year. Lockdown 1 put us under a bit of strain trying to continue as best we could on skeleton staff and on our renovation project sites, obtaining supplies/orders being the biggest aggravation but we persevered! ⠀

The Lockdown allowed us to ‘ramp up’ our plans that we had for 2020 and bring forward some of our ideas/initiatives, which we were planning to do over the course of the year but we decided to seize the day and get these done. Here’s a short list of what we have managed to implement:⠀

➕ Systemise our practices and procedures, creating and developing our own in house CRM software system⠀
➕ Development and exposure of Target Five on Social Media⠀
➕ Staff undertaking The Property Entrepreneur year long training course⠀
➕ D2V implementation on a large scale⠀
➕ Developed and gone live with our new website⠀
➕ Increased the T5 team ⠀
➕ Forged new partnerships with specialist professionals incl; solicitors, planning officers, architects, building control and construction/development finance brokers⠀
➕ Onboarding with new investors/JV investors ⠀
➕ Completed 11 renovation projects, seeing great returns for our investors⠀
➕ Successfully funded our first crowdfund project ⠀
➕ Won the Best Investment and Development Company – East Sussex award ⠀

We are excited for 2021 and the opportunities we are securing, remaining focused, committed and motivated.