We have been investing in Littlehampton properties for a couple of years now, why? Regeneration, Regeneration, Regeneration! ⠀

Recent major regeneration projects such as the East Bank redevelopment at Littlehampton harbour have had a transformational effect on this seaside town. The true assets of the town, Blue Flag beach, functioning harbour and busy town centre are apparent to all. The potential for business growth and relocation are also evident. Future property development opportunities are being brought forward and the town has a clear vision for how it wants to improve and the changes that need to be made.⠀
If you’re considering investing in property then understanding what makes an area attractive to your potential residents is worth knowing! we look at the following;⠀⠀
– Property layout, size & position, development opportunity whether immediately or future (especially for commercial development).⠀⠀
– Good transport links. This is one key factor that draws renters of any age. ⠀⠀
– Large infrastructure projects, look out for areas with big renovations & regeneration projects, signifying growth & demand for housing is likely to spike as workers seek employment.⠀⠀
– Local amenities.⠀⠀
– Employment opportunities, if a large company is looking to move to the area or looking to expand, this will drive up the demand for properties as well as prices.⠀⠀