Permitted Development

We have always looked to avoid planning where possible. Why?…⠀

Planning is slow, cumbersome and not always predictable – especially in Brighton and Hove, a council known nationwide for its restrictive approach to planning. So we have used Permitted Development (PD) opportunities. For many years this has taken the shape of C3-C4 out of A4 areas, box-dormers, 3m rear extensions etc. Adding square footage to create yield. With A4 for HMO moving city wide, and the over saturation of investors moving in to this market, we have looked to utilise other PD opportunities. ⠀

It is likely that more PD will come in addition to what has been announced in the past few weeks. This will no doubt include conversion of the new E Class of properties in non protected areas to C3.⠀

What are we looking at? Mostly Light Industrial to resi and 2 flats above commercial, in areas where we believe further PD will come. We were focussing on other things during the office to residential rush a few years ago, but this will come again with reduced reliance on office space – so we are looking at this too, where the conversion costs work and where it will make good quality and appropriate accommodation.⠀

Years ago it was all about commercial for yield and that group of landlords are now selling up or in some cases dying off! There are opportunities to be had and this could be a great few years for PD – if we do it right. Relaxed planning laws is no excuse for exploitation and profiteering!⠀