It is relatively easy to find one good property – the challenge comes with a consistency of product and a cohesive portfolio. As every start-up is asked, “It’s a great idea but is it scalable?”. Once you have a scalable property strategy then things become interesting. ⠀

You can define your approach, your rental or sales market and get your refurbishment package and team together. Then sort out your finance entry and exit, with multiple options and you are away!⠀

You can then build relationships and repeat it. Rinse and Repeat. The great thing is with a successful refinance model, only a small portion of your initial investment is left in. Target Five have been following this buy, refurbish and refinance model ourselves and for other people for 8 years. We have completed more than 200 of these type projects and our record is second to none. We focus on areas that we know and with finance partners we have used before. ⠀

T5 have just started a crowdfunding raise for one of these properties and would love to take as many as possible on the journey. To find out more please visit⠀

Investment in property related assets puts your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Please read the full risk warning at before deciding to invest. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.