???? ?????? – Newland Street, Worthing.

A few weeks ago we shared with you our new carbon sustainable development (Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Modular Construction), project in Newland Street, Worthing.

Since then planning went to committee last week and all seems favourable, they have recommended a slight tweak to the binstore location, meaning we will need to shave a little space off of our living/kitchen space, rather than one of the bedrooms, which will work well.

Today we were onsite to meet the Surveyor to plot and locate the positions for the new services. We hit a bit of block ‘literally’ with being able to survey the inside of the building as the previous owners have yet to clear the space. The current commercial property has been used for a number of years as a storage facility. So a new date is to be pencilled in to complete this!. Along the way, we have acquired some new artwork to the front of the property, what do you think of our ‘funky pigeon’ ?