Featuring in February’s Property Investor News magazine

Target Five Director; Tina Wenham and our JV Partner Rachelle of @cseeinvestments feature in this month’s Property Investor News magazine. The article focuses on our current commercial development to a Holiday Let, in central Brighton.

To read the full article, head over to the PIN website now hard copies out now! ?

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In this BRAND NEW Podcast Series, we will be going behind the scenes on some of the UK’s most Creative, Lucrative and Award-Winning Deals 

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Hosted by , Mark S Barrett from The Property Brokerage, this month it gives me the absolute pleasure to welcome Target Five’s Andy Babbayan who will share insight and inspiration on all things property conversion.

In this podcast we review Andy’s award-winning commercial conversion where he shares how he sourced, stacked, built and refinanced out a commercial mixed-use site leaving none of his own money in and cash flowing over £35,000 per annum.

If you want to understand how to get your award-winning commercial conversion this is one Podcast you do not want to miss. ??????? 055 – ?????? ???, ???? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ?????.. (COPY AND PASTE LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER).




Andy and Tina are in the central Brighton today presenting another UKPA (UK Property Angels), Investor Discovery Day.

Investors got to see some great developments in progress in Central Brighton as well as some new investment opportunities that Target Five have to offer.

If you want to find out more about UK Property Angels, please visit their website here also check out Target Five’s previous network projects with @ukpa_official.

Also, a special thanks to Guy, Andrew and Dagmar for the lovely branded biscuits




We are delighted to announce that Target Five have won Build Magazines Real Estate & Property Award 2021 for  ‘BEST PROPERTY INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY BRIGHTON & HOVE’⠀

We are very proud of the hard work that team T5 put in everyday. Here’s to the future and fingers crossed for more to come!⠀

This award goes to show hard work and tenacity pays off, We couldn’t have done it without the effort and support from @brightonrenovations @ccrdryliningltd @focus_brighton

@bpmarchitecturalservices and of course  ⠀



In the third of Sven’s video series on The Stages of Development, he is looking at the key points when undertaking Due Diligence:

The 4 Key Points To Follow:
– Legal due diligence; looking at searches, land registry, titles.  Are there any easements or covenants?

– Physical site due diligence; boundaries, topographical survey, soil samples, percolation tests.  Some of these tests can only be done at certain times of the year, so you will need to factor this in, especially if you’re offering option agreements/subject to contract agreements.

– Planning due diligence; MOST IMPORTANT.  We recommend using a planning consultant! This is where the value is most definitely added!

– Construction & onsite due diligence; is it feasible? What are the constraints, especially for airspace developments, mixed use conversions or mews developments.



Know your end game – When do you need the money returned & what interest are you hoping for.

Who is as important as what – The project is important but you need to know that you are investing with the right people, get to know the people around & behind the project, understand them, their reason, moral stand points etc. Never give a company or organization money on a first conversation, we would never ask someone we didn’t know to invest with us, we like to know who we are working with you should too.

Learn about the project – Do your own research into the project the money is intended for, what will it be used for in the project & how will the company deal with problems & challenges.

Ask about a track record, success’ & failures.- You will learn a lot about the people you will be investing with by how they deal with problems & how they react to being asked challenging questions. A reputable, confident & successful property company will have dealt with a fair share of issues & will not have a problem discussing how they overcame them with any potential investor.

Ask what securities are available – There may be an option for a second charge or deed of priority; it may secure your funds more, but be mindful this will be reflected in your return.

Be Fearless, but not reckless – Your money should work hard for you, but it won’t without you taking a leap of faith & investing. It’s ok to be worried or anxious but if you have followed our tips you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Consider reinvestment and rolling over your interest – Interest earnt from passive investing is considered an income, & is therefore liable to be taxed as such. If at the end of the term, you don’t need the funds back immediately, consider reinvesting or extending the terms & adding the interest to the pot. You can then take the interest profit when it is most tax efficient for you to do so.

If you would like to learn about investing with us, get in touch we would be happy to start the conversation with you & see if we both feel comfortable with an investment agreement (01273 525656 or



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No one likes to pull out of a deal or to change plans. It makes people doubt you and can make you doubt yourself! But this is business and we are living in turbulent times. Things are changing daily. Build costs are spiraling, stamp duty holidays are ending and no two experts can agree on where the market is heading.⠀

On one hand I love to stick to a plan but we ourselves are becoming more and more agile. You may plan to hold an asset long term but then get a great offer! If you have a good use for that money then sell! If you need to vary planning to increase value or reduce cost, then do it. If you need to switch contractors to see out a project, then do it. Fortune favours the brave and it certainly does not favour the stubborn! ⠀

We reassess every project every week, from things in the pipeline to things up for sale or refinance. From the British Army Estimate 7 Questions – Has the situation changed? If yes in any way you need to reassess the plan!⠀

How have you pivoted this year?⠀



Is anyone else feeling the pinch when it comes to delays around the process to buy property at the moment? 

We have really felt a delay in the process of buying projects recently & have taken a look to see how we can address this & is there anything we can do to mitigate the delays. As the old adage goes; time = money & therefore we have to try & reduce the time things are taking. 

Why are things taking longer; 

  1. The increased transactions across the market caused by the looming end to the stamp duty holiday has meant solicitors are working at maximum capacity & inevitably therefore things will take longer to be dealt with. 
  2. Funding delays – traditional lending is still very cautious & the legal due diligence is extensive & can take as long as the legal process to buy. 
  3. It’s never simple – this is very specific to us but would probably apply to most investors/developers – the very nature of what we buy is complicated. It’s how we add value, we solve problems & create value where others perhaps could not & this therefore requires a keen & detailed look at the title, covenants & other important legal factors to do with the property. 

So what can we all do to help things along?

Have a key team of people around you, we work with two legal teams well known to us & who know how we do things. Nazish Ahmad at Jury O’Shea solicitors & Justin Thompson at Thompson Allen, this means they have a lot of our ID’s etc already & know what they are looking for us straight away. This saves lots of time. 

Funding – Be ready & choose your route early, this will save you time & money in the long run. 

Be tenacious, always ask what you can do to help your teams & be kind to them, it will go a very long way to making sure you are top of their list to deal with.




Target Five’s property journey began back in 2013 in our home town of Brighton & Hove. Knowing your area, the streets, the cost of property & how rentable the area was invaluable.

If you’re considering investing in property then understanding what makes an area attractive to your potential residents is worth knowing! we look at the following;

– Property layout, size & position, development opportunity whether immediately or future (especially for commercial development).
– Good transport links. This is one key factor that draws renters of any age. Did you know that 76% of tenants wouldn’t buy their own property if it meant giving up their short commute times!
– Large infrastructure projects, look out for areas with big renovations & regeneration projects, signifying growth & demand for housing is likely to spike as workers seek employment.
– Local amenities, who doesn’t want to be next to a fab Waitrose but this is quite key, especially for areas such as Brighton where a number of people don’t own their own transport, especially students.
– Employment opportunities, if a large company is looking to move to the area or looking to expand, this will drive up the demand for properties as well as prices.

Wherever you decide to invest do your research, make sure you get in early before an area becomes saturated. We have a pipeline of genuine investment opportunities you may wish to consider. Get in touch to find out more by emailing



Here are our top 3 favourite bedrooms we have created at our most recent developments, which have been let to coliving professional sharers. All of our interior designs are done in house by the T5 team.⠀

When we put together our initial design ideas, we have key pointers to work from:⠀⠀
➕ Our residents, who are they, what type of professional?⠀
➕ Location… urban/city centre/residential⠀⠀
➕ What type of building are we working with… period building/modern?⠀⠀
➕ Hard wearing and practicality of well thought out spaces⠀⠀
➕ Wellbeing… we want our residents to feel at home, to enjoy living in their home and be proud, make sure there is space to work from home⠀⠀
➕ Budget and our investors opinions, likes and dislikes… the big one! rarely but it does happen, our investor may have their own interior design theme, which we in turn look at the above points to make sure these will work, we sometimes do need to tweak these!⠀

What we try to achieve:⠀
? Making the most of all the space, sometimes rooms can be awkward in shape when renovating, especially eaves bedrooms, so if we can we will design and build in desk areas, wardrobes and we have also created the option for raised beds.⠀
?‍? Unique designs and colour combinations that work and are not too over ambitious!⠀
? Features, we always try to retain original features within our properties, whether this be original exposed brick walls, chimney breasts etc, or feature wallpapers to make sure the rooms are unique from property to property.⠀
? Using modern methods in our finish, whether this be WIFI controlled heating (which can be tricky if a resident decides to have an airfryer in their room under a sensor – true story ?), USB socket points, key locations for all sockets, dimmer lights⠀
?️ Bedroom furniture that compliments the interior design but is also hardwearing and functional⠀
?️ Fully dressed rooms, finishing touches such as artwork/prints