Projects Completed


We started our Bayford Road project in February, which has been completed in the past couple of weeks, after a few little delays.

The period terraced property was originally 5 bed, spread over 3 floors, which needed to be totally gutted.  In doing so we were lucky enough to uncover exposed brickwork to all chimney breasts and brickwork to the hallway, incorporating this into the design theme for feature walls.

We have created an 8 bed HMO with 7 bathrooms, designed for professional sharers. With thanks to @brightonrenovationsltd for all of their hard work in creating our favourite project so far!

Our friends @nichecom_uk have sent over the professional pics, which look fab!  The property is now on the rental market with our partner company @proletsuk, with 3 rooms snapped up on the first day of viewings!

What do you think?



Here are our top 3 favourite bedrooms we have created at our most recent developments, which have been let to coliving professional sharers. All of our interior designs are done in house by the T5 team.⠀

When we put together our initial design ideas, we have key pointers to work from:⠀⠀
➕ Our residents, who are they, what type of professional?⠀
➕ Location… urban/city centre/residential⠀⠀
➕ What type of building are we working with… period building/modern?⠀⠀
➕ Hard wearing and practicality of well thought out spaces⠀⠀
➕ Wellbeing… we want our residents to feel at home, to enjoy living in their home and be proud, make sure there is space to work from home⠀⠀
➕ Budget and our investors opinions, likes and dislikes… the big one! rarely but it does happen, our investor may have their own interior design theme, which we in turn look at the above points to make sure these will work, we sometimes do need to tweak these!⠀

What we try to achieve:⠀
? Making the most of all the space, sometimes rooms can be awkward in shape when renovating, especially eaves bedrooms, so if we can we will design and build in desk areas, wardrobes and we have also created the option for raised beds.⠀
?‍? Unique designs and colour combinations that work and are not too over ambitious!⠀
? Features, we always try to retain original features within our properties, whether this be original exposed brick walls, chimney breasts etc, or feature wallpapers to make sure the rooms are unique from property to property.⠀
? Using modern methods in our finish, whether this be WIFI controlled heating (which can be tricky if a resident decides to have an airfryer in their room under a sensor – true story ?), USB socket points, key locations for all sockets, dimmer lights⠀
?️ Bedroom furniture that compliments the interior design but is also hardwearing and functional⠀
?️ Fully dressed rooms, finishing touches such as artwork/prints



Who doesn’t love before and after renovation pics!? Here are a few of our most recent development, West Buildings in Worthing.

Works started in late October 2020 with completion in mid Feb 2021.

??????? ?????: Mixed use development. The upper part of the building has been developed to a 6 bed HMO, all with en-suite shower rooms, designed and finished to suit co-living requirements and HMO licencing standards. The ground floor commercial unit has also been completely renovated and is now ready to let.



The Core Values of Target Five are not a million miles from those of the British Army. Funny old thing that given they were based on them! But do we get it right always – no! Do I get it right always – definitely no! We are, however, trying to hold each other to account and make sure that we do get it right in the end, if not first time. ⠀

In the Army there is something called ‘The Service Test’, when something bothers you or you have made a decision that you doubt, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you have followed the Core Values, if this feels uncomfortable then you have probably not. That is the point to reconsider, even if it means losing face.⠀

This is exactly where I was a week or so ago. A project of mine was nearing completion and I was walking around with my letting team to discuss letting strategy, furniture and decoration. We had planned to do all units as 2dio type accommodation, but the top units felt too small for this. Being in a great central location I felt sure they would let, but was this the right thing to do? The accommodation was cramped and I would not like to live there, despite the great finish. If I would not like it how can I, with integrity, let someone else take it. That night I talked it through with my Wife and we agreed that we were making a mistake. So we reversed it and lost a bedroom in each unit.⠀

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of making money, but no fan of exploitation. We made the call but I knew immediately from the response of the team that they also felt more comfortable with that. I am also confident that if I had not made the call, someone would have said something. And guess what – it actually feels good, almost like a relief!⠀



Our favourite day, dressing day! at our West Buildings, Worthing project.

T5 Director Tina was joined by our colleagues; Megan & Winnie from our partner company; Sussex Property Partnership at our completed renovation today, adding the final touches ready for professional photography.⠀

We thought we would share a few of our candid pics with you before the final completed portfolio shots.



???? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??????️ – our latest project, Aldwick Road, Bognor

We completed on this large mixed use property last Thursday, Tina picked up the keys on Friday to give us a guided tour of our new project!

Planning is already in for our conversion strategy, we are hoping to convert this large property into a 16 bed HMO (x2 kitchens) for sharers, retaining part of the commercial unit and developing the remainder to additional residential use, with a new rear extension.

Bognor is a new location for Target Five but we are excited to get going once we have the all clear from planning.  We will keep you updated as we progress.



???????????? ???????????

 I believe becoming and being a professional landlord is more than about portfolio size or whether it is a full time job, it is about mindset and acceptance of responsibility.

Mindset: This is critical. You need to change the way you view being a landlord. Do it as well as you can. This goes beyond but very much includes staying ahead of all regulations, instances, licenses and every area of compliance. It is also more than properly cash forecasting and managing it as a business – it takes more money than it gives some times! It is about stepping up in all areas and all that comes with that. It is a cat flap – once you go through you cannot go back! Do it willingly and celebrate it as a vocation – do it well, enjoy it and allow others to make money and have enjoyment from it – and that starts with your residents!

Responsibility: There is a huge social and moral responsibility that comes with being a landlord. Peoples homes and lives are in your hands. Do not take that lightly and do it well! Respect people, care for them, go above and beyond and accept their right to privacy and quiet enjoyment. Give value and really care! 

– Andy Babbayan




 When planning our property renovations, we must consider how the space will work, will it be appropriate & spacious enough, not only to meet the regulations but provide a ‘home’ for our residents.

We have replaced the word ‘tenant’ within our business with the word ‘resident’. ‘Tenant’ has a negative connotation that we feel is archaic. Just like the association with greedy, uncaring landlords. It is far from our experience, attitude or intent.

We believe in creating ‘homes for residents’ not ‘houses for tenants’. We aim to create a harmonious relationship between owner & resident & try to apply the following rules;

Provide stylish, well thought out spaces that will last, be low maintenance but hard wearing.

Consider how the resident will live there, including space for relaxing, space for eating & working as well as space saving ideas, built in furniture.

Make it something to be proud of. The design phase of our projects is key to this. We want to be proud of what we are producing but more importantly we want our residents to be proud to call it home. Being innovative & bold with colour/textures means we can stand out from the crowd & so can they.

Be clear from the beginning what is expected of both parties. We work closely with our lettings team to ensure we know where our responsibility starts & ends for maintenance/general upkeep.

Deal with queries & maintenance issues as they arise in a timely fashion with realistic timeframes, communication is key to any issue.

Be sympathetic, it’s easy to forget that this is a person’s home & that feeling should be actively encouraged, it is no less a home because it’s rented & any threat of losing your home is stressful. Handle difficult discussion around late rent or the need to gain possession back with care & consideration.

We believe that the days of slum landlords & problem tenants are a thing of the past & should be treated as such.



We have finally exchanged on this fantastic property. We were first introduced to this mixed use building back in the Summer of 2020, since then we have had plenty of up’s and downs, especially this last week to keep this sale together and was quite the race to the finish line!⠀
What’s even more exciting is that we have a new JV partner on this property/development.⠀

We can’t wait to get started on this project, not only because of it’s fantastic location in the centre of Brighton, next to the famous South Lanes and moments from the seafront, but also because of it’s scale being over 5 floors, including a commercial unit.⠀

Our Brief;⠀
– 1 x commercial unit on the ground floor, works to include alteration to WC⠀
– To create a 7 bed HMO (maisonette), over 4 floors all with en-suite bathrooms and an open plan kitchen/ living/ dining area.⠀



Day in day out we tell you all about what we do and how we do it but who is best placed to tell you, our investors of course!⠀

We are now members of Trust Pilot, allowing our investors to tell you in their own words, their experience of working with T5. This great testimonial was received by one of our clients who invested in one of our first mixed use property developments. ⠀

“Target Five have introduced me to projects which meet my objectives. They have helped me with sourcing, project managing and restructuring to maximise property potential whilst being mindful of what I want to achieve at each stage and overall. When I contract with them, they come in on time and on budget”.

Located on a busy parade in the centre of Brighton. The property was a late Victorian/ Edwardian building that had a number of historic uses, most recently as a Mexican restaurant with spacious but poorly utilised residential space above. The restaurant had been extended, removing the access to the upper parts. Planning permission was sought and granted prior to purchase to reinstate the front entrance. Target Five sourced, designed and developed the property to a 6 bed, 6 shower room HMO above. The tenants in the restaurant extended their lease!⠀