Target Five Property Consultants – HMO Journey So Far

Since our formation in 2013 we have established ourselves as experts in the HMO property development field having undertaken 350+ renovations.⠀
It has been interesting putting together this post and pictures to see how far we have evolved from what was; I guess we shall call ‘standard & compliant’ HMO renovations that were similar across the country.⠀

The type of HMO being offered to let now has vastly changed due to the changing needs and expectations of the tenant, who want and deserve a level of luxury in their shared accommodation. Taking the above into account, we have had to evolve and adapt our model quickly and with consideration. ⠀

Changes we have made: – ⠀

? We view every new property as an opportunity and challenge to shake things up. With each new property we hold interior design brainstorming sessions, which we then develop into mood boards.⠀
? Each property is CAT 5 & broadband ready, with USB ports located in the ‘useful’ places.⠀
? Considered and thoughtful living spaces, designed to be practical for coliving homes.⠀
?Casual spaces such as hallways and landings are not forgotten and are given a little extra something, whether it be a feature wall, amazing paint effect or vinyl art.⠀
? En-suite showerrooms: this change we feel is a must given the current climate of the coronavirus, being able to offer your tenants as much of their own safe space as possible! not to mention the end rental figure achieved for our investors.⠀
? Bespoke furniture: here we focus on our interior design and what will work within budget but also be durable! Using companies that specialise in landlord furniture packages, such as @landlordfurnitureco who offer fantastically designed furniture for all concepts and budgets.⠀

And much more!⠀