Leverage, along with and closely linked to Compound Interest/ Compounding Effect, is key to understanding how people make real money in property. In fact in anything. In fact it’s how people are successful. It is literally that important!⠀

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So we leverage our money by borrowing from the bank. That’s it isn’t it? No, No, No.⠀

We leverage absolutely everything all of the time and we HELP each other leverage.⠀

Here’s how:⠀
We leverage our Time by delegating and by employing quality people.⠀
We leverage our Knowledge by learning and having experts on hand to help⠀
We leverage our Abilities having others better able assist us.⠀

The list is endless⠀

Leverage does not mean risk, it just means we achieve more and get greater reach by using others. This does not mean exploiting others, in fact it almost always means employing and paying people to do the things they are good at.⠀

And the results are staggering when you get it right.⠀

– Andy Babbayan