We Love Commercial & Mixed-Use Properties

T5 love mixed-use and commercial conversion to residential!

I have always found it impossible to understand why residential investors ignore commercial and mixed-use property. Why? Whilst there are many reasons, I have distilled this down to three key reasons why I feel they create a true arbitrage opportunity:

Price per sq/ft: If you are not already valuing everything on a price per sq/ft or sq/m basis, then start now. It is how commercial and development opportunities have always been valued and is the easiest way to assess value, potential uplift and to show value to a valuer. Put simply these properties offer the best 3/sq ft rate around.

Locations: Mixed-use or commercial and ancillary use properties are historically located in busy, central and well-connected areas. Perfect for renting to every type of market.

Permitted Development rights: Build, Build, Build! You heard the man!  With the extension of Permitted Development rights, it is not only just the case that you can often add two flats above, but in many cases the entire building can be converted under Prior Notification, which means a simple planning process and no need to comply with space standards – ideal to create yield in central locations!

We will aim to do £30M+ worth of deals this year, as we have each year for the past 7 years. We are always looking for the best way for our clients to potentially achieve success through investing. Through our partnership with @LEOcrowdfunding we feel we have found an interesting and considered way to invest small and potentially build to bigger returns. We are excited to be working on our first project with them and although we are not quite ready to ‘lift the lid’ on that yet, we have some similar recent project case studies on their website now. (link to bio/ case study for Preston Street)

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Investment in property related assets puts your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future success.  Please read the full risk warning at before deciding to invest.