Why do you invest? Because you have excess money earning nothing in the bank? Because it’s what successful people do? Do you need to?

I really believe everything has a reason. For years I denied myself and my family things because I felt I had to invest and reinvest everything. Whilst I am glad I did in many ways and it did not feel like we denied ourselves, as I near middle age (and have acceptance around that) I realise that I never thought about the why?.

So I ask you to challenge your perception and reasons around investing.

A little thought process list:

1. Why invest at all – why not spend the money on experiences and having a good life!

2. What to invest in – start close, as in with you! Educate and grow yourself, then think about sending money out.

3. Invest to grow 1 and 2. If you need the money back for 1 and 2 down the line then invest accordingly. A 20 year investment may not do that.

4.Invest for the future. This is building assets and long term income.

Many won’t agree with this and even I don’t agree with this every day.

What do you think?

– Andy Babbayan