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No one likes to pull out of a deal or to change plans. It makes people doubt you and can make you doubt yourself! But this is business and we are living in turbulent times. Things are changing daily. Build costs are spiraling, stamp duty holidays are ending and no two experts can agree on where the market is heading.⠀

On one hand I love to stick to a plan but we ourselves are becoming more and more agile. You may plan to hold an asset long term but then get a great offer! If you have a good use for that money then sell! If you need to vary planning to increase value or reduce cost, then do it. If you need to switch contractors to see out a project, then do it. Fortune favours the brave and it certainly does not favour the stubborn! ⠀

We reassess every project every week, from things in the pipeline to things up for sale or refinance. From the British Army Estimate 7 Questions – Has the situation changed? If yes in any way you need to reassess the plan!⠀

How have you pivoted this year?⠀