I love the term ‘Crossing the Desert’, something I have shamelessly pinched from Daniel Hill from @propertyentrepreneur_

Many of us at T5 are Property Entrepreneur graduates and have nothing but positive things to say about that experience and methodology. ‘Crossing the Desert’ was Dan’s Headline Strategy for his company Group a few years ago as they went through the experience of rapid growth – it described the feeling of moving between two places of safety and the experience of doing so often scarce on resources.⠀

We are there now. More staff, more projects, more complexity and all the cash flow challenges that come with that. It all looks wonderful on the spreadsheet but day to day it’s tough. So how do we get through it and how did Dan?⠀

Leadership, Teamwork and constant Communication (plus a little sprinkle of Faith!!). It is my role along with Tina Wenham, to keep reaffirming the vision, keeping the focus and being considerate and understanding with the challenges the team face.⠀

So where are we now? We can see some green above the heat haze of the horizon and we are now certain it is not a mirage! We just need to hold together and keep our pace and we will be there sooner than we think.⠀

Does anyone else have this experience or like this analogy?!⠀

Get in touch!⠀



Back in December we shared a post re: Andy meeting Richard Bowser of Property Investor News onsite at our George Street (former bank), Hove development for an interview on Repurposing outdated commercial premises and back into viable use..

The full interview is out now in the latest edition of Property Investor News, you can read it here. The full article will also be made available online on the PIN website, in 2 weeks time.



Day in day out we tell you all about what we do and how we do it but who is best placed to tell you, our investors of course!⠀

We are now members of Trust Pilot, allowing our investors to tell you in their own words, their experience of working with T5. This great testimonial was received by one of our clients who invested in one of our first mixed use property developments. ⠀

“Target Five have introduced me to projects which meet my objectives. They have helped me with sourcing, project managing and restructuring to maximise property potential whilst being mindful of what I want to achieve at each stage and overall. When I contract with them, they come in on time and on budget”.

Located on a busy parade in the centre of Brighton. The property was a late Victorian/ Edwardian building that had a number of historic uses, most recently as a Mexican restaurant with spacious but poorly utilised residential space above. The restaurant had been extended, removing the access to the upper parts. Planning permission was sought and granted prior to purchase to reinstate the front entrance. Target Five sourced, designed and developed the property to a 6 bed, 6 shower room HMO above. The tenants in the restaurant extended their lease!⠀



We are now members of Trust Pilot, allowing our investors to tell you in their own words, their experience of working with T5. Many of our investors just like the one who kindly gave us this honest review, return to us for repeat business, which is true testament in itself! ⠀

Review: “Target Five’s initial expertise comes in finding properties with potential that others can not see. Where others might see a house with a garage and a fairly large garden, Target Five can recognise the potential to extend that house from three bedrooms to six, demolish the garage and build a second house on the remaining land (for example). Second is the network of professionals in all areas of planning, architecture and building that can turn that potential into reality on budget. Finally they can provide long run support in getting properties let and managed once the project is finalised. For me this has opened up opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable in property investing”.

We believe in our business plan and ethos but to gain recognition like this always get’s the adrenaline pumping to keep striving forward, finding those tailor made property investments to suit each of our Investor’s needs and to get those all important yield returns!.⠀⠀



Centurion Road, Brighton- Target Five sourced, designed and redeveloped this property for our returning investor.⠀

The property was originally a 3 bed family home and is now a stunning 6 bed with 3 shower rooms. The property has been finished to a high specification and the interior design was undertaken by the T5 team, to create a top end coliving rental property.⠀

Purchase Price: £450,000⠀
Build Costs: £70,000⠀
Furniture: £6,000⠀
Refinance: £625,000⠀
Rental Income: £36,396⠀
ROI PA: £6.9%⠀
or combined YR 1 26%⠀

We really loved this project as the interior finish was our bold first step away from the grey!

To find out more and how we can find the right property investment for you, please contact us through the contact button or email




Leverage, along with and closely linked to Compound Interest/ Compounding Effect, is key to understanding how people make real money in property. In fact in anything. In fact it’s how people are successful. It is literally that important!⠀

“???????? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ????.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki ⠀

So we leverage our money by borrowing from the bank. That’s it isn’t it? No, No, No.⠀

We leverage absolutely everything all of the time and we HELP each other leverage.⠀

Here’s how:⠀
We leverage our Time by delegating and by employing quality people.⠀
We leverage our Knowledge by learning and having experts on hand to help⠀
We leverage our Abilities having others better able assist us.⠀

The list is endless⠀

Leverage does not mean risk, it just means we achieve more and get greater reach by using others. This does not mean exploiting others, in fact it almost always means employing and paying people to do the things they are good at.⠀

And the results are staggering when you get it right.⠀

– Andy Babbayan



This is really aligned with win-win and is a cultural thing. Investors are partners, they are critical to your business, but rather than being schmoozed and flattered, they need to be dealt with as business people. With respect and with transparency.

I have always believed in a consultative approach to sales. I am not a salesman, but I am good at sales. I just tell it like it is, relate it to the client and demonstrate to them how it is a solution for their requirement. In order to do this correctly you need to be absolutely straight. I have not always been as straight. When I started off I tried too hard to make things seem better than they are – and it never ever worked! Sure the deals worked, but not as they expected, which is what they remember.

At T5 we are lucky – we have made that luck and sweated for it, but we are in a fortunate position. We are oversubscribed almost all of the time. How have we got there? By treating our investors as equals, this means being nice but not too nice but especially it means being respectful. Almost all our business comes through referral and recommendation. This is the ultimate vote of confidence.

We will soon be looking for more funding and it’s different to what we have done before. How will we do it? By engaging with people, educating them and treating them with respect. It takes longer at first but it will pay dividends! (TOP PUN ALERT).

– Andy Babbayan



???? ? ???? ???? ??? ????! ⠀

It’s been a trying year for all but we are thankful that we were able to achieve so much and cross off a lot from our to do list for the year. Lockdown 1 put us under a bit of strain trying to continue as best we could on skeleton staff and on our renovation project sites, obtaining supplies/orders being the biggest aggravation but we persevered! ⠀

The Lockdown allowed us to ‘ramp up’ our plans that we had for 2020 and bring forward some of our ideas/initiatives, which we were planning to do over the course of the year but we decided to seize the day and get these done. Here’s a short list of what we have managed to implement:⠀

➕ Systemise our practices and procedures, creating and developing our own in house CRM software system⠀
➕ Development and exposure of Target Five on Social Media⠀
➕ Staff undertaking The Property Entrepreneur year long training course⠀
➕ D2V implementation on a large scale⠀
➕ Developed and gone live with our new website⠀
➕ Increased the T5 team ⠀
➕ Forged new partnerships with specialist professionals incl; solicitors, planning officers, architects, building control and construction/development finance brokers⠀
➕ Onboarding with new investors/JV investors ⠀
➕ Completed 11 renovation projects, seeing great returns for our investors⠀
➕ Successfully funded our first crowdfund project ⠀
➕ Won the Best Investment and Development Company – East Sussex award ⠀

We are excited for 2021 and the opportunities we are securing, remaining focused, committed and motivated.


We are in turbulent waters and they will only get more choppy

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If we are able to have clear strategy, master our market and, most importantly, have a RATIONAL APPROACH TO RISK, then there are great times ahead.⠀

Risk is sort of my thing. Some people think I am impulsive and risky in my actions, but I rarely make a mistake. Why? Risk management. If you can be rational, break risk down into component parts and mitigate and hedge against each component, then you can act deliberately and decisively with confidence! With that comes incredible competitive advantage.⠀

Most people are IRRATIONAL around risk. This is because they don’t understand the risk and follow the crowd. I have discussed making Risk work to your advantage in property, in more detail previously, you can review this by clicking the link

– Andy Babbayan: T5 Group Managing Partner & Acquisitions Director⠀



It is relatively easy to find one good property – the challenge comes with a consistency of product and a cohesive portfolio. As every start-up is asked, “It’s a great idea but is it scalable?”. Once you have a scalable property strategy then things become interesting. ⠀

You can define your approach, your rental or sales market and get your refurbishment package and team together. Then sort out your finance entry and exit, with multiple options and you are away!⠀

You can then build relationships and repeat it. Rinse and Repeat. The great thing is with a successful refinance model, only a small portion of your initial investment is left in. Target Five have been following this buy, refurbish and refinance model ourselves and for other people for 8 years. We have completed more than 200 of these type projects and our record is second to none. We focus on areas that we know and with finance partners we have used before. ⠀

T5 have just started a crowdfunding raise for one of these properties and would love to take as many as possible on the journey. To find out more please visit⠀

Investment in property related assets puts your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Please read the full risk warning at before deciding to invest. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.